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    Hi everyone what is the best program to use for editing mpg's? I have been having some troubles getting my audio right on. It is so way off that it is stupid. I record a TV program through my TV in software and the audio and video are perfectly in sync until I edit the comercials from it. After I do this it goes all out of sync, very very annoying. Any help would be great. oh this is what I am running on:

    AMD 1000mhz Athlon T-Bird
    256 Mhz PC2100 DDR SDRAM
    Windows 98
    Ati Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO

    TMPEGEnc v2

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  2. Cineplayer Editor is one of the few editors that can cut and join mpeg-1 files without de/re-encoding the file. It's not free, but worth the $49 price tag. This program is mpeg-1 only and VCD compatible.
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