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  1. Hi there,
    I've got an original DVD that has been made with the subtitles shifted so far to the right that they are half way missing off the side of the screen.

    I want to know how I could make a copy of this but with the subtitles properly aligned to the centre of the screen.

    What software should I use and how would I go about doing this?
    If possible I would like to use the VOBs not to have to re-encode it as its 2h32m long Indian movie.

    Thanks a lot
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  2. Read the subtitle guides and do a forum search.
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  3. Hi Andkiich,
    I have tried reading the forums but nothing seems to relate to the positioning of subtitles excect when when mentioning directshow filters. I have never had much luck using directshow filters and would like to aviod them as it means re-encoding.
    I am trying to use IFOEdit but if only somebody could tell me which property in the IFO actually determines the positioning of the subtitles, perhaps I could change it in there and solve the problem.

    Any suggestions much a ppreciated.

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