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    I have tried to demux several different mpeg1 files but keep receiving this message:

    Skipped -2 zeroes at start of file
    mpgtx: AT EOF - please stop me!
    mmm, this file does not start with a pack, offset: -2 
    use the desperate_mode switch as the first option -X to search for a header in the whole file!
    if you want to force the operation. May yield to an endless loop if no valid header is found!
    Does not even begin with a 00 00 01 xx sequence!
    film.mpg is not a valid mpeg file
    What can i do about these muxed mpeg1 files, is there no hope or am i just messing sum shit up. Can someone give a bit of wisdom?
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  2. Are you sure they are mpeg-1 files? Check with the "info" button, or open them in Quicktime player and get info. Try another demuxer like bbDMUX.
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