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  1. Guest
    What would be the best setting to encode DV file coming from iMovie to mpeg 2 to burn as dvd? I did a lot of test with mix result. The main problem is with the quality i get when encoding some moving text titles on black background. I see jagged edge when I view it in Quicktime and also when view on my DVD player. I was able to test the BitVice encoder demo and did not get the same jagged edge. I test lots of setting: frame interlaced, field, filter deinterlace, different bitrate and qmin...

    Any advise will be welcome.
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  2. Currently, interlaced Quicktime sources like DV are always deinterlaced before encoding to mpeg-2, which means some quality is lost. I'm planning to add better support of interlaced Quicktime movies in later versions of ffmpegX.
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  3. The first post should have been post with my identity, not as a guest. Sorry for that. Major, if you bring us a solution to encode full quality from a quicktime interlace file (even better, the .mov file in an iMovie project), I will pay double for the shareware fee. I only need to encode some family video file and DVD Studio and Bitvice are too expensive for my budget.

    Keep on the good works.
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  4. This is in the to-do list.
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  5. Any news on that topic?
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  6. dazed&confused
    I am yet another that is not impressed with dv conversion (I can see the quality coming out of the DV cam but cant get it on the computer screen). would love a decently priced mpeg 2/4 codec that can output dvd quality from dv!
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