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    Encoding started on Tue Sep 9 19:58:56 CST 2003
    ## Component Manager: attempting to find symbols in a component alias of type (regR/carP/x!bt)
    usage: movtoy4m -w width -h height -F a:b -a a:b [-s] [-f] [-o ppm/y4m]

    example: movtoy4m -w 352 -h 288 -F 25:1 -a 4:3
    example: movtoy4m -w 352 -h 240 -F 30000:1001 -a 16:9

    **ERROR: [mpeg2enc] Could not read YUV4MPEG2 header: system error (failed read/write)!
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  2. This doesn't seem caused by 0.0.8b specifically. This error normally means the following:

    - you're trying to encode a VOB file, or a MPG file encoded in mpeg-2 format
    - you've selected the "Decode with Quicktime" option
    - however, your Quicktime is unable to open VOB files or MPG files encoded with mpeg-2. You can test this by opening that file with Quicktime player.

    If the above is true, then you should either:

    - install the Quicktime mpeg-2 player component and keep using the "Decode with Quicktime" option, or:
    - disable the "Decode with Quicktime" option, or:
    - enable the "Decode with mplayer" option.
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  3. Guest

    Thanks for the reply...

    I have the quicktime component installed... have had for months ever since I started using ffmpergX

    Any other ideas?

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  4. Have you kept a previous version of ffmpegX, if yes, does it work while the newer does not, for the same file and same settings?
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  5. Silly me I wasn't logged in before...

    Nope, it doesn't work on previous version 7 either...

    Now I don't know if it used to work as I never used quicktime when i was using version 7 as all my files were larger than the 4 gig problem would allow.

    Major, if you can even point me in the right direction, or I can contact you by email to sort it out I would appreciate it...

    I am a registered user BTW.


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  6. Yes, please send me an e-mail to
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