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  1. hi,

    i've done up a short video clip in after effects and would like to render it out as video file and send through email to my friend.

    however, when i render it out as avi using indeo 4.5(?) codec, the file come up to be more than 10mb. i then covert the avi to mpeg using tpmeg but the file still sized up to approx 5mb. finally i tried zipping it up but the file still stand at 1.8mb(which is too big to send via email, should get it under 1mb i think.)

    what do you guys suggest if i wanna send the video clip via email so that my friend can view it using either window media player or quicktime?

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  2. thanks for the help
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    Neither will help you at all unless your friend is 'into video' and has the codecs installed. No codec, no video. Instead of Emailing it, why not post it blind on a website and send him the link? Otherwise Snail Mail it on a CDR. Short of MPEG1 or Indevidideo, you may have codec issues (that rules out DivX, XviD, and DVD).
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  4. Absolutely. If your friend is not computer literate, then just encode in MPEG-1 as you are ensured of playback. If your friend is not a completely newbie and knows how to download stuff and install it from the internet, I would suggest DivX5.

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  5. stuff it onto a smartmedia card and send that to him/her in the post small and neat.
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  6. i'm with vandakeg on this one. I use windows media encoder a lot.
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