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  1. Please could someone help me out here, I have tried over the past 3 - 4 months to burn movies that I have downloaded from Kazaa etc, the problem is that when it comes to actually playing them on a VCD format on my DVD player they are upside-down !!

    I know someone else posed this question before on here and I tried everything that was said to do, I have took off all my codecs and just left K-Lite codec pack 4 on but it still happens.

    When you lose this amount of CD's it becomes very costly, I use Nero to burn but TMPGenc to encode which sometimes changes my AVI movie into a 2GB MPG movie which I find really weird, could someone please explain this to me.

    I could never put a 2GB Movie onto a disk and then run the risk of it not playing the right way up on my DVD, besides I don't think it should be making a 800MB AVI into a 2GB MPG.

    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated, look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,


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    Originally Posted by Ricky23
    besides I don't think it should be making a 800MB AVI into a 2GB MPG.
    Why not? Your .avi file is much more compressed than a VCD is. And for it to be in the standard, then it must be at a certain bitrate, which will increase file size.

  3. Thanks mate that clears that up, but what about the movies playing upside down on my DVD player??

  4. By mentioning Kazza you are advocating warez.

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    Originally Posted by yongkuk
    By mentioning Kazza you are advocating warez.
    not true - there are legitimate movie files available on KaZaa.

    granted, they are vastly dwarfed by the number of illegal files, but that's not the fault of KaZaa, that's the fault of the people sharing those files.

    unless he's mentioning warez (eg "I just downloaded T3 off KaZaa"), it's not de facto warez just because it came from a download or a p2p network.
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    Sorry I can't help it. I'm so embarrased.

    Just turn the TV over

  7. well hey let's ask him - Were you downloading home movies or Matrix Re-loaded off kazza?

  8. I was downloading legitimate movies off Kazaa not Matrix, I have downloaded T3 and many others.

    Can anyone help with my movies playing upside down though??


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  9. Originally Posted by Ricky23
    I have downloaded T3 and many others.
    You were doing fine untill this statement. Read the forum rules, do not advocate warez.

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