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    I've got a TiVo mpg file. De-ty'd it. Then demux'd it. I used the resultant 2 files to make a DVD. Which appeared to work. However, the video on the DVD is "squished" left-right (ie, there's a big black bar running down the right ~1/3 of the screen). OS X's DVD player compensates well enough in full screen mode, but not in other modes. Other DVD players either show the nasty black bar, or try to stretch it but end up with a nasty verticle stitch.

    The orig mpg2 combo, the resultant mp2v, and the re-combined mpg file all have the correct aspect when viewed using quicktime (540x408 listed as the size for all of them).

    Any ideas?

    using ffmpeg .7c (also duplicated the results by using the command line tools individually)
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  2. 540x408 is not a valid DVD size. DVD streams should be encoded only in compliant size as listed here.
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