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    A real newbie question, but here it goes. I am starting on a project to convert my Super 8 home movies to DVD. I bought Ulead DVD Workshop.

    The read me file states,
    Make sure the DV IEEE-1394 capture board (DV Board) and its drivers are properly installed (please check with your DV IEEE-1394 capture board manual for details on installation).
    I did not know I needed a specific board for the capture process. I thought as long as I had a firewire port I could send the DV directly from the DV camera to the PC and DVD Workshop.

    Do I need a special DV Capture card?
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    There have been a few posts on super 8 to -> DV (eventually MPEG2 - DVD) - do a serarch.

    If you computer already has a firewire port then NO you do not need a 'specific' capture board (as you say) for DV.
    From they way you worded your last statement i am guessing you as either going to use your DV camera for pass through (A-D conversion) or tape the super8 then transfer to the computer.
    As was mentioned in another post on this .......
    read this for info
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