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    this guide will teach you how to put a complaint vcd/mpeg1 onto a dvdr and play on a standalone dvd player without having to rencode. baaldrick! i love you!

    Tools Needed
    Tmpgenc DVD Author

    Step 1.
    1. open tmpgenc and exit wizard

    Step 2.
    1. Go File>mpeg tools

    Step 3.
    1. Click the de-multipex tab

    Step 4.
    1.under input click browse and load your vcd mpg
    2.doubled click on video stream and audio stream to save them(preferably to dekstop)
    3.exit mpeg tools

    Step 5.
    1.under audio sorce click browse and load the .mp2 file that was just produced by de-multiplexing ES[audio only]
    3.under output click browse and choose where you want to save your new .mp2 file setting

    Step 6.
    1.under sample frequency choose 48000 ok

    Step 7. start

    Step 8.
    1.go file>mpeg tools

    Step 9. multiplex tab

    Step 10. mpeg-1 system(automatic) add to load your new .mp2 file that was just made and load the .m1v file
    3.under output click browse and choose where you want to save the new mpg run close then exit tmpgenc (you can now delete all the old files except the new mpg that was just made

    Step 11. tmpgenc dvd author and select create new project

    Step 12.
    1.Click Add File and load your mpg

    Step 13. Optional for chapters if you want no chapters just hit ok when the dialog pops up chapter cut edit

    1.use the scroll bar as to where you want your chapters
    2.when you find the specific spot click "add current frame to chapter" (you can add multiple chapters) ok

    Step 14.
    1.To label your track double click untitled track 1
    2. type what you want your video labeled
    3. hit ok

    Step 15.
    1. click create menu

    Step 16. which back ground you want
    2.label your title and movie by double clicking them the next page and do step step 6 part 2 again output

    Step 17. create dvd folder browse to where you want your dvd folder to be begin output

    Step 18. "open dvd writing tool"

    Step 19. write speed
    2.choose recorder
    3.label disc write dvd

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  2. Actually… you can skip all this multiplex/demultiplex steps…. Just import mpeg1 file in DVD author, it will convert audio from 44100 to 48000 automatically.
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  3. I've done many vcd to dvd conversions and the only problem I see with chupes guide and the suggestion from akm74 is it doesn't work if you have movies that have been joined, either by yourself or before you "aquired" them
    If you find your finished files are cut shorter than the originals then this is the problem.
    You have 2 choices, either re-encode them as vcd in tmpgenc as one file and take the hit on quality or skip the demux-remux with tmpgenc part of the guide and instead run the vcd mpg's straight through (s)vcd2dvdmpg 1.1 (the version with besweet not the latest version without it). This has the ability to "paper over the cracks" and allow dvd author to see it as one file of the correct length.
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  4. If I have multiple MPEG-1's say like 10(10 episodes say...) Do I have to join them all first? Or can i have 10 files on the dvd?

    Also nutstoyou, do you know any other ways of making a MPEG-1(not2) DVD compliant cd??
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  5. Keep your 10 episodes unjoined to reduce the risk of any audio sync problems.
    Assuming you have the new version of tmpgenc dvd author proceed as follows.
    Load your first episode by clicking create new project then clicking the add file button. After the compliant file info box appears click ok to close it and then click add new track over on the left before clicking add file to select your next episode. Same for all the episodes, add new track before add file for each one.
    When they're all loaded click on the Untitled Track text on each little box on the left and give each track a name corresponding to the episode.
    With 10 episodes then at the create menu page open the drop down list on the left and select New Theme and on next page open the Layout of the Track menu list and choose one of the Layout 10 themes.
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    Step 16 part 3 I think is either a typo or just plain wrong(actually it's from the orig author guide, but the steps werent edited). If you do as it says and go back to step 6 part 2 then you would end up back in mpeg tools on tmpge. Also of note on step 6 is that if you cannot get the audio to re-sample at 48000, you need to open the LOAD tab and then EXTRA folder, then UNLOCK. I know whats going on somewhat, but a newb may get his brain melted.
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  7. Hi,

    I have two serieses of cartoons (13-13 episodes) extracted from VCDs. This means 13-13 mpg files. I have created two tracks and added these 13-13 mpegs as chapters to each tracks. (Of course, I converted the audio to 48 kHz, as it is written above.) Then I chosed the Blue menu scheme and created the menu. After burning the disk I was not able to play the second track at all. Even the submenu was not displayed. I could play the first track perfectly. Only a little problem: after the last chapter was played it did not come back to the menu or did not continued with the next track.

    Please, help me how to fix this problem, how I can create the second track playable.

    Thank you for your help in advance.
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    When i try to add my mpg1 to dvd auther it is rejected because of the
    framerate is 23.976.

    Most of my vcd's are ntsc film at 23.976 fps. This was because the
    original dvd was at this frame rate.

    Do i need to convert the video in this case.
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  9. Hi there,
    i'm a newbie and have been trying to copy my mpg movies onto dvd. I have tried this giude and all goes well and i get my meg2 file but when i play it back the sound drifts after 3-4mins and by the end of the 40 mins it way off. I also get the errors message "****** packets cause buffer underflow" when mutiplexing the mp2 file back with the video. i have tried using VirtualDub to change the sound file but again i get the drift when playing back the movie. I have only once got the sound to stay sync'ed to the video and thats when i let TMPGEnc plus run its wizard but the file size was 2.6G ! If any one can help please. I'm from the UK so we use Pal but i not sure if that would effect this !
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    I wrote a guide at that takes a different approach, and I find it easier and with less steps.
    Want my help? Ask here! (not via PM!)
    FAQs: Best Blank DiscsBest TBCsBest VCRs for captureRestore VHS
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  11. Thanks i have had a look at your site and will try a few things out
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  12. hi again, i had no luck same loss on the audio. My source file is video 1150kps 29.970fps 352x240 4:3 and the audio is 224kbps 44100hz
    when i covert the audio to 48000 what bit rate should it be converted at ?
    I was born this way blame my mom !!
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  13. Ok, If I follow the steps of this guide "Compliant vcd/mpeg1 to dvdr" than how many minutes of VCD MPEG1 video can I fit on a single 4.7Gigabyte DVD-R Disc?

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