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    Ok, there is a new -K option in mpeg2enc:

    There is a new commandline option --custom-quant-matrices (short form
    is -K) that takes 1 argument:

    --custom-quant-matrices|-K kvcd|tmpgenc|default|hi-res|file=inputfile|help

    sample uses:

    -K kvcd
    -K tmpgenc

    and lastly the ability to load complete garbage (if you desire )
    into the encoder by creating a file (format described below):

    -K file=/tmp/fendt

    The format of the file is quite strict (I didn't feel like including a
    big/fancy parser into mpeg2enc): The INTRA matrix is first, the
    NONINTRA matrix is second. There must be 8 comma (decimal) values
    per line with no trailing characters (extra commas, comments, etc).
    Blank lines and lines starting with '#' are ignored.
    I am hopeing this will be configurable in ffmpeg 0.0.8, but if not maybe it is something you could squeak in?
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  2. Adding to to-do list.
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  3. This option has now been added to ffmpegX 0.0.8.
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