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  1. Sector A
    I have installed all the files and packages for ffmpegX. When I try and point it to a directory on my hard drive (a folder with some .vob files in it...) It says it cannot read from DVD and I should try and open files from disk insetad. But that's what I am doing so that has me a bit puzzled.

    What can I try and fix to get this to work?

    Thanks in advance!

    albert kiefer
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  2. Could you please copy and paste here the contents of your "Open.." field?
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  3. Sector A
    The message I am getting is:

    To comply with copyright laws, DVD Device input is not allowed. Please select a file or folder from your HD

    I tried pointing to either a VIDEO_TS folder or a single .vob file (and I removed the actual DVD from my drive so nothing is there anymore...) but all give me the same message.

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  4. I was not asking about the error message, but about the contents of your "Open" field. Please copy and paste it to me.
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  5. Guest
    I have included (hopefully...) a link to my open dialog shot.
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  6. Create a "Movies" folder and put your VIDEO_TS folder inside.
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