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  1. Hey everyone,

    I just bought a second Maxtor 5000dv 200gb Firewire External Hard Drive (what a mouth full), taking my total to 600gb wahay !!!.

    Do you think I should of gone with the 5000xt 250gb for an extra 20. It is going to be used for editing and storing of films etc.... Some specs


    8mb Buffer Size
    40mb/s Max Trans Rate
    7200 rpm
    Seek time 9 ms


    2MB Buffer Size
    37.5mb/s Max Trans Rate
    Seek time 11ms

    Went with the 5000DV as the one I have seems slow some time when doing things such as merge and cut in tmpgenc compared to an internal so I thought the second would be worse. However an extra 20 for 50gb extra is also quite attractive.

    Opinions please, so I can kick myself at making the wrong decision. But whatever I have 600gb now !!!!!
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  2. I would have plumped for the quicker drive, stuff the extra 50Gb.
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    I think you chose the right one, as a matter of fact I was in the process of getting 2 of those but since I am building my new system I chose to get 2 WD 200GB internal hard drives. But back to the topic, I know you are looking at the fact that you could have 50GB more for and extra 20 but the 250GB HD is a lot slower and has a smaller buffer size.

    Good choice.

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  4. Ok good, made me happy, let's just hope I have no grief with the delivery. I hate ordering from but they are the cheapest for this sort of thing.
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