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  1. Member vhelp's Avatar
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    Hi everbody.

    I just wanted to share something w/ you all that have DV cams.

    I have the Sony TRV22 cam, and I've only used it a few times. Today, I
    was doing some firewiring of some video footage I took. Anyways..

    In short, I put in a miniDV tape, and pressed play (touch panel) and then
    closed the tape door. When I did this, I got an warning beep, and the unit
    shut down, and issued a C21:31 or something like that, blinking error

    I fiddled around for a while with it, and no tapes would play. Then, finally
    a tape played, after I was able to first reviwed/fast forward it (by playing
    around w/ it) then shut the unit off. Waited, and turned unit back on.

    The tape started to show the numbers on the screen, but no video would
    play. If I fast foward (FF) it for a while, I would finally see the tapes index
    number. I would stop tape and press play.

    Then, after doing this, I would see gray bars on my unit, mixed in w/ some
    video. Something very strage happended when I closed my casset door.
    I've done this before (close door while tape playing) but this time, it did
    something really crazy to my unit. Anyways..

    I wanted to warn you all of this VERY sensitive area. DON'T DO IT!!

    If anybody has had similar issue w/ their CAM, please do share, cause I'm
    at a loss as to what just happend to my unit. It' brand new, but I def. can't
    bring it back since its way past purchase date. But, I'm still confused why
    this unit basically did a crash 'n burn on me.

    Right now, I can't play ANY video tapes. It's finally stopped playing tapes.
    And, all I get is a blue screen.

    Thanks for any advise you all might have on my next move,
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    Take it back, or call customer service. And for future reference, your title means your camera really impressed you. I think you meant "Sony TRV22 Woes"
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  3. Yeah you have to watch out for barely servicable, made in a country where they pay the workers 20cents a day, very cheap, plasticy feeling cameras.

    Hell, on my analog (waiting for that bump up to DV) I have to reinstall the battery for soem reason because the power gives and it only works after I take the battery out then put it back in.

    Weird. Weird and odd.
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  4. Member vhelp's Avatar
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    Mar 2001
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    Hi guys

    A better day came to me today.. hehe..

    I popped in my DV head cleaner tape, and did some cleaning of the

    When I first popped in the cassette, the Blue Screen showed up again,
    but w/ 4 min left (cleaner tape)

    When I pressed the play button, it looked like nothing had happened. I did
    not hear anything playing/moving.

    So, while the tape was in play, I pressed the FF button and then I heared
    the tape go. I did NOT do this for a long time. Only about 4 seconds, and
    that was it.

    When I popped in my footage (some park scenes) I got video again :P

    Ok, mini explainaa here..
    It turns out that the tape that I luckly popped in at the time of my closing
    the door, was shear coinsidence, that it was soaked w/ soda Pop. Yes, I
    recall my spilling some Soda. The tape was on the floor carpet, but under
    some cloth or something. it was soaked w/ soda, and when I popped out
    the tape, it DID feel sticky. pfew!! I must have caused the tape and the
    CAM some major issues.. some of the sticky soda must have met w/ the
    mechanism and tape heads. And, when I ran the tape cleaner through it,
    it helped bring back my video.

    Now, because of this, I don't think I should rely on the cleaner to fix every
    thing. I think I should bring it to my nearest service center and have them
    do the job right. Turns out, there's one down the road. Anyways, I did
    notice that my video fades w/ some gray bars in and out, but at least I now
    know that it's not permanent and that it just needs some professional care
    to rid the soda sticky film left on the heads, before more damage takes
    place !

    Thanks guys for your input.
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  5. Lost Will Hay's Avatar
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    In my manual for my Sony DV there's a glossary for all warning messages/codes.
    tgpo, my real dad, told me to make a maximum of 5,806 posts on in one lifetime. So I have.
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  6. Member holistic's Avatar
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    Just an F Y I

    I have done this (cleaned VCR heads) occasionally with ill no side affects.
    It may help with your issue. On a personal note , I do not like 'cleaning' tapes - they are abrasive (how do you think they clean !)

    CAUTION : try not to put any alcohol on any of the moving mechanism, it is coated with a light oil/grease and the alcohol will remove it.

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