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  1. I have an problem and it seems to happen way to often. I am trying to make a movie straight to disc. I click create disc,it starts rendering, but then it stalls. I have tried a number of times with the same results. It seems to be the same part of the video in which it stalls. Task Manager says it is running, but it does not move. The video is an AVI file 640x480 which I am trying to create an SVCD. I am using Pinnacle Studio 8.8 on an pentium 4 1.9Ghz with 512 of ram on an XP system. Is this a problem that can be fixed? Has anyone else had this problem? How do I fix the problem? Any help will be much appreciated, Thanks!
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  2. Try making movie to local drive first and see if it work for you-B
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  3. Are you using a menu? If yes, remove the menu. Render to avi using DV encoder. Close. Re-open the avi. Re-insert into the timeline. Now re-add the menu and chapter points. Make disk.

    If not using a menu.
    Render to avi using DV encoder. Close. Re-open the avi. Re-insert into the timeline. Make disk.

    Your hang could be due to a few reasons. Not sure what your is. Use the Studio users forum. There a great help.
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  4. Pinnacle Studio 8.x can hang during MAKE DISC if you have a chapter point right in a transition. Avoid that or follows the previous suggestions.
    I stop using PS8 for making disc or DVD content. It's S L O W , so I just use it for capture and video editing.
    ktnwin - PATIENCE
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    It used to take me 45 minutes to render a VCD with Studio 8.7. With 8.8 it takes about 2-1/2 hours. My solution was to use 2 partitions on my HD (or just use a 2nd HD). I have the same OS on both partitions, but one has Studio 8.7 and the other has 8.8. I use 8.7 to capture an avi, then edit the avi and render it to a VCD (or SVCD) compatible mpg.

    You can load that mpg file in Studio 8.8 and add menus and chapter points. Then it takes less than 10 minutes to render the final VCD and burn it.
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