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  1. I am having a problem. I have a Pioneer 105 DVD burner in an external firewire case. When it is connected to my laptop (P3 900 running WinME) it recognizes as a DVD drive. However, when I connect it to my Desktop (Athlon 1900 XP running WinXP SP1) it only recognizes as a removable drive. The problem with this is that WinDVD, MediaJukebox, and other DVD authoring programs is that they do not recognize it as a DVD drive. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Can anybody please help me with this? If you need more info please let me know. I would like to get this fixed. Thanks!
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  2. Update ASPI and reinstall included software. Next time please wait for someone to respond. Thousands of people go through these forums, chances are at least one will respond.
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    Is ASPI relevant given that it's connected by firewire? I suppose it needs a driver for the IDE controller at the other end of the cable though....
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  4. Already updated ASPI and reinstalled all software. And the comment was not needed or wanted. But thanks for your input.
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