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    I have a 6 part series, which are all in divx, and i would like to put these onto DVD. Each part is 45 minutes long, and i was wondering how i would go about adding 3 or more parts to each DVD.

    Once encoded to Mpeg2 (DVD), then authored, would i have seperate VIDEO_TS folders for each episode ready to burn? Then how much time could i fit onto a 4.7gig DVD?

    Thx in advance.
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    I have managed to squeeze all 12 episodes of Fawlty Towers onto a single DVD, and also have Black Adder series 1+2, and Black Adders series 3+4 on 2 DVD's

    You're looking at about 6 hours, absolute maximum for a DVD-R, maybe a little bit more, but not much

    For that, the quality is not that great, but then again, my copies of fawlty Towers were well and truly past it, so now it won't degrade as bad over the years and multiple watches

    I used VCD 352x240 (NTSC) or 352x288 (PAL), running at about 1200-1500 bitrate to squeeze it all on there, with the audio at 128-bit

    And, no you don't need to seperate anything

    To work out how to fit multi-episodes/movies onto a DVD, do what I do

    Run the DVD bitrate calculator (on this site), change the size to custom(4480MB). Then divide that by how many episodes per DVD, that will give you the maximum filesize per episode

    Enter that in the custom size, now enter your exact time per episode, that will give you your CBR rate, thats it

    Example :

    For all six parts on one DVD, by my method, works out at a file size of 745MB per episode, giving a bitrate of 2056 per episode, with the audio track at 128k/bit

    Not brilliant, some will say abismal, but if you want to squeeze that space on the DVD, and don't mind the quality drop, do it, unless you really are that fussy

    Best bet is to encode in VCD dimensions, BUT, using MPEG2 encoding, I find it doesn't jerk as much, if at all. But when I used MPEG1, the jerking was noticeable. Plus smaller dimensions take care of not having to resize the source, if its less than DVD dimensions, which will lead to more blockiness/jerking at higher action scenes

    On a normal TV, you should still get enjoyment out of your episodes, besides, I'm tight, and want to get as much as I can when it comes to squeezing space out of a DVD for multiple episode series
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