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  1. Hi
    Hope some one can help with this…
    I want to make my DVD rom region free, I’ve tried various software but it hasn’t worked. I’ve been told I need to get a firm wear upgrade to wipe the region code. How ever it states everywhere that only “expert users should do it” what exactly do I need to do? Oversly I’m not an expert user.
    I have a matshita DVD-ROM sr8586 3g24.
    Using drive region info 2.2 it tells me its set to
    Region 2
    0 changes left
    Manufacturer 4 changes left
    Status fixed cannot be changed.

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    What you have to do varies from drive to drive. Some you just have to follow basic instrucitons and run a program, some you have to make a DOS disc and boot to it in order to flash properly.

    Sorry I'm not sure about your specific model, and I have the leave soon, but you may want to look on for more info.
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    Go to this link and you will find a RPC1 firmware for your drive.

    Some DVD drives cannot be unloked after reaching 0 changes left status. Just try the patched firmware and post your findings.
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