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  1. I have a 120gig IBM Deskstar Hard drive which has decided to pack up
    it has loads of stuff I need on it the problem is the drive is not recognised by the pc

    I have a new drive installed and tried plugging in the old one as a slave to try and recover the info required but the pc still will not recognise it

    Is there any way at all to recover this info even if it means buying anothe hard drive the same and swapping bits over ???

    any help apreciated
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    Re-ionstall, and go to BIOS and enable SMART.
    Then, reboot, and see if it says, on Boot, SMART says Drive failing, backup and replace. If not, you have a problem with the drive, and it is not gone kaput.

    I have had problems with drives recently, and they were not failed drives. Move them, they are readable. Yours should be, also. It could be simply the cables,l and just because they showed no prob before, doesn't mean they are still sending all 80 pins signal. Change cables, also, and see what's what.;
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  3. Funnily enough, I had a 60GB IBM that started doing this and was rarely recognised in the BIOS. It was just a faulty drive but (I still have an 80GB IBM for captures).

    If it does not get recognised in the BIOS at start up do this:

    Start up PC.
    Check BIOS to see if HDD is recognised, if not restart PC.
    Once it gets past checking the connected drives press the power off button on your case.
    Wait 5 secs then switch the PC back on and it should be recognised.

    This worked for my old IBM drive and I copied the stuff to another drive. The reason I found this out is because I really needed to access the drive as it was my OS drive, plus it was also partitioned with all my software stored on the other partition.
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    If you didn't hear the normal IBM Deskstar grinding hault, where the heads touch down on the platters, then the data might be alright. If you can't get it to function one more time with the methods posted above, then you will need another of the same drive. You should be able to change to electronics from the bad drive with a good one. All of the recent drives I have looked at, this is pretty staight forward. A few screws, and a connector or 2 and you should be able to pull the board off the bad one. If you have to force anything, you are doing something wrong, STOP! If you have trouble, don't try pulling the board off of the good one! Find a friend that is good with electronics, and have them help you!
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  5. Reinstall your HD software/ drivers and remember not to statically shock drives or drop them!
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