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  1. Member vhelp's Avatar
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    Mar 2001
    New York
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    Ah everybody :P

    I was wondering.. does anybody have a great suggestion on a mini 5.1 surround
    sound box for the PC or not (externally speaking) ??

    Forget the Audigy. That's just plain fake and simulated. I want to be able
    to hook up my DVD player to it, and watch eather from my 13" TV or from
    my PC LCD screen.. and hear 5.1 surround sound.

    I hope I'm not being too clumsy w/ my topic.

    Thanks for any suggestions,
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  2. Member vhelp's Avatar
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    Mar 2001
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    Hi guys..

    Sorry for not responds sooner, I fell asleep inside my nap hehe..

    @ g_shocker182...

    Monsoon MH-505 6-Piece Surround Sound Speaker System

    Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, the item you suggested (see pic above)
    is a little too far off in my idea.

    I already have such an elaborate SSound system (SSS) but it's just too big
    and too much effort to move around, and add to that, that I did not get an
    "remote control" for it. What I have is an older model JBL (Dolby Prologic)
    system w/ 5.1 speakers.
    One of the main reasons why I stopped using this system (besides it being
    so lound "bass'wise" ) is its 600 WATT stamp on the back. That scared
    the hell out of me when I found that there. I never figured out if that
    means it's 600 watts always, or at maximum loudness or just 600 watts at
    all times. So, I stopped using it, to be safe becuase my apt is all elect.

    @ Holistic...

    Gigaport AG @ $99

    Now, this sounds like more of what I am looking for, but leaves a bit
    confused in functions. Further reading will have to be made, unless
    you understood it better than I. (see pic above)

    Note, these items I found on below.

    MIDIMAN Sonica 24bit/96kHz computer audio adapter @ $59.88
    Search for --> # 393638

    This item was very close to what I'm after. Very close indeed.
    But, it's still expecting and outside or external unit to provide
    the 5.1 (see DAC, miniDisk etc) but is expecting external speakers.
    I can live w/ that I suppose, having to go and purchase speakers if I
    have to. (see above pic)

    M-AUDIO Sonica Theater USB 24bit Surround sound module @ $98.88
    Search for --> MFR Part # 991104

    Now, this one sounds almost ready for my NEXT paycheck hehe.. but I'd
    like just a little more info on it.
    Do you know any other info on this gajet ?? cause it's missing things
    like speaker(s) and such etc.
    (see pic above)

    Thanks everyone, for your responses,
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  3. Member flaninacupboard's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
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    first up, the 600W issue.

    That's probably a P.M.P.O. figure, with a more realistic maximum draw being a quarter of that at 150watts. but even that figure is a little high, as that would mean full spectrum on all channels all the time. a movie soundtrack just isn't like that!

    second thing,
    The last couple of units you pictured seem to just be decoders. you would still need amplifiers between the dcoders and speakers, as the outputs on the decoder are not strong enough to drive a speaker on their own.
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  4. Member vhelp's Avatar
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    Mar 2001
    New York
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    @ flaninacupboard...

    Thanks for the added info. Was enlighting to know that overlooked issue.

    Ok then, what else is next then ??
    Given the above note, those last two units sounded close to what I am
    looking for, w/out having to resort to a full-bloon SSS setup, which as I've
    stated above, I already have as is the case w/ my JBL ESC300.

    Mind you, I'm not looking for High wattages. My JBL is 200, and THATS
    just too high for my PC needs. I was thinking along the line of 50 watts
    give or take whats out their, if there ARE any out their for PCs (externally
    speaking) I guess it doesn't have to be PC, it can just be a sort of mini
    external SSS, but those last two items looked close to what I was looking
    for in a small/compact setup.

    One last thing to note here, my goal is to enjoy my store bought DVDs,
    but ALSO for my soon to be created (some day etc) Prologic/AC3 and
    5.1 encoded s/xVCD and x/DVD format encodes for whatever I have in
    sound as source and capable of producing to Prologic, 5.1 or DTS etc.

    Thanks for all you guys suggestions (and special notes)
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  5. I'm still confused VHELP. Are you trying to find a way like certain wiring to output sound from your sound card? If so, what kind of connections are on the sound card output and your spkr sys. input? Do you have a receiver?
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  6. Member vhelp's Avatar
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    Mar 2001
    New York
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    Hi all.

    @ g_shocker182..

    G.. I must have missed my e-mail notification.. anyways..

    Basically, I have the SB 5.1 LOL card, but that card gave me nothing
    but troubles when I was capturing video. I gave it up a few years ago.

    I never really did trust the so called 5.1 sound, though I only had 4.1 speakers
    connected to it.

    It was such a CPU, PCI and Resource hungry hogging piece of gizmo, that
    it didn't pay to continue keeping it connected. And, again, the 5.1 I never
    really appreciated. And, from what I understood, it was not a "decoder"
    even though it still posts 5.1 surround sound.

    So, basically, what I want is an "mini" external sound card like, device that
    will give me TRUE 5.1 and/or Dolby ProLogic surround sound from my
    DVD player, not my ROM drive.

    Heck, I'd be willing to try a few dollar$ on a PCI card that as long as it was
    TRUELY 5.1 surround sound, I'd give it a try, cause now, I don't have a PCI
    issue anymores, since I have a ADVC-100. But, I don't want no fake SB
    card !!
    I really want a TRUE 5.1 card, if that's possible

    Thanks again.. for you inputs,
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