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  1. for the new COMPUTER room,I'm sure it will be a fine addition to the family.
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  2. Originally Posted by g_shocker182
    I think there should be a forum dedicated to our computers.
    Originally Posted by g_shocker182
    If there are too many then why do we have a forums dedicated to individual prog's like VCDEasy, ffMPEGx, and SVCD2DVDMPEG, who have relatively small amounts of posts?
    Couldn't we combine the ones for those listed above? (i.e., put VCDEasy authoring, burning, playback, and comments into one forum?)
    Wow! I didn't believe you would you just about everything I asked in that topic! Thanks!
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  3. Way to go Baldrick!!
    At least the off-topic section won't be cluttered with a mixture of off-topic and pc related q's anymore.
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