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  1. Please help me, I have a very strange problem where when I click any image, be it GIF/JPEG or anything I can only save it as a BMP file.

    If I want to dave a animated GIF, I rightclick, save, and there is only BMP in the box below (Save as file type)
    So I can only get the fist frame as a BMP file

    Pleassse help!
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  2. try deleteing the temporary internet files.
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  3. WOOO
    It worked!!!! How did you know that?!
    What was in the Temp folder that caused this?

    Thankyou so much
    *Right clicks anything that moves in fit of pleasure
    Thanks once again
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  4. Originally Posted by lukebest88
    What was in the Temp folder that caused this?
    it was just full and needed to be emptied.
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    It is recommended to delete all the cookies, empty the Temp and the Temporary Internet Files folders once a month.

    In these folders, they get more files and more files all the time, getting bigger and bigger, they take up the computers resources and drains the memory. You have to clean up the computer regularly every now and then. I prefer once a month.

    You have to re-start the cookies all over again by signing in to your favorite web-sites. The computer's performance should be much better now.

    Having all these files in these folders for a such a long time is like a heavy truck getting heaver and heaver and more work.
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