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  1. I have a Pioneer DV-343 player and it plays everything fine except for DVD-VCDs. The audio is fine but the video is shaking up and down. Looks like very bad interlacing.

    Input files were NTSC video 352x240, audio 44.1khz

    I am wondering if there are any Pioneer owners who make DVD-VCDs and are having the same problems as me. If I re-encode the video to 352x480 and then create a DVD-VCD, the video is fine but there is a loss of quality. The quality of VCDs are bad enough, I don't want to lose any quality when putting them on a DVD. I am hoping there is a fix or some sort of Pan and Scan technique to make a 352x240 frame become a 352x480 frame to fix it. Any comment is much appreciated.
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  2. You can use the option pan&scan in svcd2dvd.

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