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  1. Guest
    Well first hello to everyone and thanks in advance for any help i get

    Ok I'm new to making a DVD from SVCD and I'm having problems with Audio Sync. It seems that when I extract the Mpeg2 file (svcd) from my .bin file, that the audio goes out of sync. same seems to happen with both "Isobuster" and "VCDGear" With "IsoBuster" I tried extracting all 3 different ways and the only one that doe'snt affect the audio is the extract RAW method, but doing it this way means TMPGEnc won't open it and the other two still have the sync problem. btw this happens with two different projects im doing. I got all the codecs i need and the programs are all the latest versions and my computer is powerful enough for the job in question (i hope)

    I've tried all the guides on this wonderful site 8) but not having chance to try them cause of this problem right at the start Any help would be much appriciated.
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    Are you using SVCD2DVD or SVCD2DVDMPG?
    SVCD2DVD v2.5, AVI/MPEG/HDTV/AviSynth/h264->DVD, PAL->NTSC conversion.
    VOB2MPG PRO, Extract mpegs from your DVDs - with you in control!
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  3. Gareth_UK
    Sorry for not logging in but it says i gotta wait 24 hours (2 hours to go lol)

    Anyway's I'm using the second one SVCD2DVDMPG. this is usually what I try and do,

    First I extract the mpg (svcd) from the bin file. (isobuster)
    Open TMPGEnc and use project wizard to encode to DVD.
    Sometimes if there are 2 SVCD's I Merge them using TMPGEnc. but i read that you should'nt join em so I stopped trying that incase that was the issue. But I would like to Merge them if it could be done. It seems that I get the same problem eitherway. So I traced the problem to the extracting part, it seems that it's when I'm extracting them from the Bin File that they are going out of Sync (anyone ever had this problem)
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  4. Try letting svcd2dvd extract the bin files for you, to see if that makes any diffrence.
    I have done a lot of svcd's that are on 2 disks and all have come out Ok except 2 one where the audio got progressivly more out of sinc which i can only assume that there is a problem in the files to start with as i have redone this both in 1.0 (using both besweet and not ) and 1.5 with the same result and another film where it dropped out of sinc and them came back after about 10 mins.
    You will find that there isnt a issue where the files are joined in the vast majorty of cases.
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  5. Why use tmpgenc to convert to dvd that is what svcd2dvdmpg is for.. converting you svcd to a dvd format your player will understand.

    Only svcd2dvd will author you a dvd with the mpgs it creates..

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  6. Yes I have tried both tmpgenc and svcd2dvdmpg to do the converting, I can only assume that the files I'm converting must have some problems.
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  7. audio sync problems occur when you demux a non complete mpg. I think then the audio stream is some how not complete or something like that. But how to solve the problem read this guide. I know it says when you need to reencoded the mpg with tmpgenc and i know it will loose quality and it will take time. But it is the only sure way to get a complete mpg and no audio sync probs. Another way you can try is only reencoded the audio part with tmpgenc and mux that with the video part of the mpg you got.

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  8. My problem is that the extracted svcd file is out of sync before I've even converted it. but the original bin file is ok when mounted with Daimon Tools or burnt to disk. the problem is.. that when I try to extract the mpeg either using isobuster or svcd2dvdmpg thats when the audio go's out of sync. so basically i need to fix the audio before encoding, somehow by re-syncing it (if possible)
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