I'm running Roxio's DVD Builder 5 on a 1ghz Dell PIII with 512mb RAM, 200gb HDD, Windows XP HE, and no other processes running. I am able to create a DVD project with a navigation menu, chapters that contain both still JPEGs and DV, and attach either WAV or MPEG audio files to each of the chapters and main navigation screen. It all looks perfect on the PC in DVD Builder player/reviewer, but when I encode and build the image the result (by either viewing on the PC in WinDVD or on set-top DVD player (many) has major audio issues as follows:

1. in the still JPEG and DV chapters, the audio will go along for a while, and then skip all of the sudden, and then keep going. the stills and DV all play fine.

2. on the main navigation screen, the audio plays for a few seconds, and then skips and restarts at the beginning. At the same time the thumbnail images on the chapters (from the stills in the chapters) reset too and change, even though I dont think they should.

The DVD plays, as do all of its navigation elements and contents, but this audio problem is driving me bonkers. Anyone have an idea of where to start ? The audio files were downloaded from the web from a paid service site (dont remember which one) or ripped from my CD's using ALTO MP3 Maker. It happens with all of them, at various points depending on the file and dVD project contents. It is very repeatible.

Thanx !