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  1. Guest
    It seems that many of the .mpg files that I have downloaded from are not VCD compliant since when I click the Info button in ffmpegX, I get an "Alert" error and I also cannot add the files in Toast when I try to make a VCD. However, I can watch these in Quicktime. I tried to re-encode them using the VCD Preset in ffmpegX, but the terminal shows an error.

    Any other suggestions? What kind of .mpg files could exist that can be played in Quicktime but are not compatible with VCD?

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  2. digityle
    I was having the same problem, errors in the terminal and all until they released ffmpegX 7. Updated my soft, re-encoded using the new version at the VCD setting, and it works flawlessly. Also, I discovered FFMpegX hates funky file names. Semicolons; Commas, apostrophies'' Parethesis () basically anything thats not a letter, number or dash. try renaming the files to something simple before encoding.
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  3. Yes, that seems to have done the trick. Definitely must keep the filenames simple. However, when I re-encoded them, a few of the MPEG1s now have the video and audio out of sync. I am sure there is a topic in the forum about this, so I'll take a look.

    And, I wonder why the default Quick Setting for NTSC VCD has the "letterbox" checked. I was really wondering why all my videos were being crunched down visually. When I unchecked the box, that problem went away.
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