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  1. sure can, just encode the audio file with the video file in tmpgenc.....

    when your menu plays, the audio will play, i believe it will loop when it ends

    i ususally dont use audioi, but it is possible

    also, now in the newest version of tscv, there is an option when creating your menu to include audio, you can do it right there too before it is called to tmpgenc

    lemme know

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  2. whats up marty. i followed ur guide for menus using tscv and i get right to the end and keep getting this error message in the log tab that says:

    **ERROR: error while parsing command line - try --help

    VCDxBuild finished

    I've looked all over for the TSCV v0.73 that u were talking about in the guide, but i couldnt find it. So i ended up using TSCV v0.83. Does that have something to do with it? I also dont think i have the right vcd imager because the links on DO NOT WORK! So i had to search the web to try to find the programs. Could you tell me what am i doing wrong or give me a [WORKING] link where i can download everything i need. I aprreciate any help you can give. THanks.
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  3. Guest
    Marty, thanks so much for the guide. Great work!

    I too, however, am having the same problem as iwantaalyiah:

    **ERROR: error while parsing command line - try --help

    I see that you might've had an answer for him and was wondering what your solution was.

    Thanks again for your help and the guide!
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  5. Hey, I was reading your guide on making motion menus (these are the menus you can use the arrow buttons to select, right?) at the following URL: and it says that I need to download vfapi (which has a bad link, by the way).

    After that it skips to step 10. There are no steps 1 through 9.

    What are they?
    .x[ DeVante ]x.
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  6. ok...the vfapi link is still good, you just type in that adress and look for vfapi and its there, i just tried it...

    as far as the numbers on the steps go...dont worry about them, you can just follow them as they are...i deleted about 9 steps and simplified it, but never changed the just give that a try

    you used to have to frameserve with virtualdub and all that stuff but that is no longer necessary....

    sorry if it confused you, but just follow it through and you should do fine
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  7. awesome guide! however I'm having issues getting the required software from ttool. Maybe its just me, but I get a 404 error page that the file couldnt be found when I click on TSCV Downloads.

    thx for any further help :]
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  8. where can i find the TSCV new version? i`ve tried all these links but i just got error messages. is there a english version of that?

    thanks. take care.
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  9. Hi guys,

    I finally found a link to the newest TSCV version and it works!

    here you go:

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  10. is this the new version gyllom? martymizah said you don't need VFAPI in the new version.

    plus, the link to download tsvc seems not to work. i did a better search on google and fou out this site

    there is 3 version. i downloaded the one that says NEW. this one doesnt need to download anything else than tmpg, right?

    take care.
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  11. To download from my link, you have to right-click and save as. But your version is also good and you need to download VCDcdiGui to. If it isn't already with TSCV.
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  12. anyway, i couldn't even pass through the install fase. it just said that tmpgvdf wasnt in the same folder as tmpg and it was.

    i just can't get tmpg to be installed normally. i always click in the exe file to start it. i assume i can normally install it like vcdeasy, right? maybe that's the problem.
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    Hi all,

    I've tried to make chapter on my movie using vcdeasy. When I go to chapter tab off vcdeasy and load the movie, the movie does not displayed on the display zone. Could someone tell me what I have missed here?
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  14. hey tempe,

    vcdeasy is another program (we're talking here about tscv). maybe you should start another thread because the chances for you to get an answer will be higher (many people won't read your question about vcdeasy here).

    i'm not sure why the video isn't showing for you. does it show when you add it as file in the first place ("main" tab)? once that happened to me, i had to re-encode the movie.

    take care.
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    im having a problem here. i cant view my menus after completing the guide step by step. here is a page with screenshots of what i did and with what settings. hopefully someone here can help me. btw, its a SVCD of snowboarding clips of me and my friends. after burning it it also made the mpeg2 stream pixelate a litte too.
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