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  1. Guest
    i wanted to put a 2cd svcd on to 1 dvdr dus SVCD2DVDMPG+ do this befor i pay for it
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  2. If you want to do this and not pay for svcd2dvdmpg+ i suggest you do it by hand with ifoedit cause that is the only free author program arround. But it isn't easy and i don't know if it works. There isn't trial version of svcd2dvdmpg+

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  3. once you pay for the plus version you can put2 svcd on one dvdr
    if there both the same format (ie) pal you can do then in one vts if there different format one pal and ntsc then use two seperate vts.
    regards phil
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  4. Member ChrissyBoy's Avatar
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    you can try the free version & author with another program. The plus version just adds the authoring part (& is a bit more intelligent). So if you get the result you need in the first scenario cool. If you want automate the whole process then you may want to consider +
    SVCD2DVD v2.5, AVI/MPEG/HDTV/AviSynth/h264->DVD, PAL->NTSC conversion.
    VOB2MPG PRO, Extract mpegs from your DVDs - with you in control!
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  5. Guest
    chers guys thx
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  6. Wilsson
    there is also dvdlab from, you can use without limitations for 30 days.

    Atm I combinate svcd2dvdmpeg+ with dvdlab.
    I make the meny with dvdlab.
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  7. Dept.PB
    Don't be a tight bugga -- It only costs 5 for the year and you get some great updates..
    Just look at the new version coming out V1.5 -- Great new menu system - so get ya hands in ya pocket and pay Chrissy 5 for all the hard work he has done.
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