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  1. I recorded a demo and it was transferred from DAT to a CD, the guy at the studio asked me what kind of CD player I would play it in, I told him I had a Pioneer Premier in my car (back when I had my Jetta). I now have a Kenwood and now cannot play the CD in anything else Computer included, I recently bought my mother a Pioneer DVD player and took a shot at playing it, it worked. So it seems it only plays in Pioneer products, I didn't know you could copy things and make them play on only one product brand, and if so is there anyway I can transfer this to a copy that will play on anything?

    My demo is a music CD that I recorded at a studio onto Digital Audio Tape (DAT) they transferred the audio from DAT to CD. Is there certain music coding for brands on a CD that only has music on it?
    I used to play it in my Jetta but I could never play it on my Sony disc changer at home. So I know that there is no other format because I have a Toshiba DVD player that it would not play in either, not in the CD burner in my computer, so what do you think is up with it?

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    Try playing the audio into the line in port and recording it using MS sound recorder or Gold Wave.
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    that's really weird... unless it is recorded on some brand of media that is known to play nice with Pioneer and not so nice with other brands....

    you say it will not play on your computer, but does your computer recognize it as an audio disc? if so, have you tried ripping it with something like AudioCatalyst (like you would rip to mp3 files)?

    I wonder if it has some damage, and the only players tolerant enough to get around the damage happen to be the Pioneer players you are working with...

    other than that, your options are re-record from the original DAT, or hook that Pioneer up to your computer and record from the Pioneer to the computer...
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