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  1. I posted a bit ago about problems making a copy of a DVD I burned on a Philips DVDR75. Disks from that unit open on a Mac with two folders -- one is VIDEO_TS and the other is VIDEO_RM. Does anyone know what the latter is, and if it is somehow related to the difficulty copying one of these? Thanks.
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    Well, what's inside it, and how big are they on average? Does it work ok if you just copy that folder to your HD in the Finder and add it to the folder you rip the VIDEO_TS folder to? Does it work if you only have the VIDEO_TS folder? One possible tool to use to rip if the two cases above don't work is OSEx in DVD Image format. It takes forever, but is very compatible.
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  3. Here's what's inside:


    I could not copy to the HD -- got a -128 error message. Copied individually to a like-named folder, "seemed" to work but the file above that is 0K was 2K in the original. Not sure if that is significant. But I am adding to folder VIDEO_TS is in. We'll see if it works.

    I can make a DVDBackup of just the VIDEO_TS folder, but if I try to go to disk I get "invalid media file" message.

    I will tey OSEx if the above doesn't work.

    Thanks for your help.
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  4. No go. Unless I make a disk image, nothing seems to work at all. Tried OSEx but it crashed if a disk was inserted. See my other recent post... I can get this work using Toast disk imaging (which does copy the VIDEO_RM file) but it will not work in all players.

    So, I guess a recap:

    -- burning with the VIDEO_RM, works in all players except Pioneer
    -- burning with just VIDEO_TS, works in only Pioneer.

    There has to be some pro out there who those why this is, right?

    Thanks for any advice.
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    as far as I know the RM files are only for navigation on a SETOP DVD RECORDER
    Not a PLAYER..I'm told the player doesn't need these....
    I thought they were just there in case you want to record again on the blank

    With Phillips recorded dvd's you dont get two folders as in VIDEO_TS and you do on a normal dvd.....
    You get two folders called....VIDEO_TS(like normal) and VIDEO_RM(the RM folder contains DAT files, IFO files,and VIDEO_RM.BUP files)

    The strange thing is that if i want a copy of a phillips recorded dvd, i just rip it and burn the VIDEO_TS you normally do (using this method it doesn't burn the VIDEO_RM folder).

    Or i just do a dvd copy with the Nero wizard (in this case it burns the VIDEO_RM folder too)

    This is very strange, because the dvd's are playable whichever method i use to burn them.

    Therefore: the VIDEO_RM folder doesnt seem to be doing anything really?
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