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  1. I recently received my first DVD-Audio and can't seem to get it to play in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround. The album is The Doors LA Woman. I'm using an HK AVR Dolby Digital Home Theater Receiver with optical input from a panasonic DVD player. Sound great in stereo, but in the surround modes I can get it to play in (such as Pro Logic II), the vocals are very quiet and hollow.

    Any suggestions?

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    does 5.1 work on your DVD-Video discs? if not then you need to setup your DVD player to output dolby digital instead of stereo PCM.

    What happens if you press the "audio" button on your DVD remote during playback? does it switch to the surround track or stay in stereo? Can you select 'setup' or 'audio options' from the menu on the Doors disc?
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  3. It didn't occur to me to adjust anything on the DVD player, so I'll investigate that. Yes, the menus for the DVD disc does give me the options to play in stereo or in surround, but the Receiver won't go into Dolby Digital mode no matter what I select on the menus.
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