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  1. Hi there, I already searched the forum for this topic, and found a result... but it didnt help me...

    When I multiplex a mpeg file with the audio file I get the buffer underflow error, this is fine for my player, but it doesnt work on all my friends players

    The reason that I found on the forums was supposedly caused by incorrect britae..

    My mpeg is 1150
    And my audio is 224kb

    Any ideas


    happens everytime I multiplex, any type of video, tried encoding audio with external tools and it does the same?

    Other question..

    I use tooLame and shibatch ssrc.exe together, and its all fine and good on my player, but on all LG players there is a horrible ringing in the audio, and it doesnt play properly?
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    i use bbMPEG (you can find it in the tools section)to cut my svcd's. i have had this error only a couple of times,but it still played fine on my dvd player. i don't know how to correct this,but if it plays fine on your player,i wouldn't worry about it
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