Im trying to compress the pcm audio (mono 44hz)from a video capture to mp3 in Virtualdub
I get the following error in vdub as shown in the pic (audio compression manager (acm) failure on compress)
I get this same error whether I use lame acm mp3 codec or the inbuilt mp3 codec in win2k
I can extract the audio as a wav and select the wav for audio and it makes no difference
If I use an older version of vdub (1.3c) it creates a file with no audio when i try compress it to mp3

This only happens to the captures which play fine in media player 6.4
However if I try mp3 the audio from non cap material audio can be converted to mp3 fine but when the audio encoding is done the timer just continues ticking forever and i have to cancel it which crashes vdub but produces an ok file
Somethign major is wrong somewhere
Running out of hd space fast!
Im not capping any diff than in the past so this must be a driver or codec issue or something more serious?