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  1. what is the difference?
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  2. I think LPCM is more compressed, but both are huge! I use either AC3 or mpeg layer 2 audio on all my DVD's to leave more room for higher bitrate video
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  3. Actually I think LPCM stands for "Linear Pulse Code Modulation." "Linear" means straight 16-bit uncompressed -- no 9-bit mu-law comrpession, no other weirdness.
    Thayne is quite right at using AC3 will give you a LOT more space on your DVD to encode video -- typically at least 500 megs. That equates to either more program material you can squeeze onto a DVD, or a higher bitrate = better looking video.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: According to the strict DVD specs, an mp2 audio track by itself is not part of the official DVD specification. This means that if you sue only an MP2 audio stream with your m2v video stream, the resulting DVD might or might not play depending on how strictly the standalone DVD player adheres to the DVD spec. (This is the cause of a lot of the comlaints about "my DVD has no sound when I play it back on my DVD player!)
    However, the strict DVD spec _does_ allow for an m2v video stream with an AC3 audio stream -- that's completely accepted as part of the DVD specificaiton, so ALL standalone and software DVD players should have no problem playing back a DVD with m2v video & AC3 audio.
    So of the two, the best choice is to go with an AC3 audio stream for maximum playback compatibility.
    You can covert your WAV audio to AC3 with the superb program BeSweet and its GUI AC3 front end AC3Machine, both available for free at
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  4. In region 2 (Europe), a single MP2 audio track is allowed, many commercial DVD's (such as Tombstone) have this audio option instead of 2-ch AC-3.
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  5. spectroelectro
    does BeSweet can re-constract the AC3 from MP3 or MP2?
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  6. LPCM is the same as PCM.
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