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  1. I've installed 0.0.7d on my 10.2.6 machine. When I run it and open a movie (.avi created by my digicam, .mov, DivX5 avi, etc), the Info button either does nothing, or it pops up a dialog that just has the word "Alert" in it. Any ideas?

    Also, is there a utility for OS X that I can use to get detailed info about a movie (container format, audio encoding video encoding, bitrates ,etc)?


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  2. Dodds
    I'm in the same boat... I just get "Alert" in info box
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  3. peterloron
    I actually resolved my issue there recently by installing the libogg, libvorbis, and subtitles packages that were included on the .dmg. Oops.

    However, I've so far been unable to successfully transcode some DivX 3 movies to MPEG-2...the sound and video are very jerky and eventaully crap out completely.
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  4. Make sure to use DivX doctor on your source file, and encode the resulting .mov wrapper.
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