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    Tools required: nero

    Step 1 nero and close wizard

    Step 2
    1. go file>burn image

    Step 3
    1. Select your iso or cue
    2. click open

    Step 4
    1.Check Write
    2.check finalize cd
    3.set write speed disc at once write

    Punk Forver
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  2. A real easy way to do this is to open explorer and right click either the Cue or ISO file and choose to open it with Nero. This will take you right to the screen to begin the burn process.

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  3. Help please guys I have a .nrg file which I DL but cannot run it I did the whole open nero, burn image, but it still burns it as a >nrg I cannot execute it or see all the files. Why It is a program that i need to see the files and execute it I have wasted 3 cd's trying to figure it out to no avail. any help would be appreciated. I am just trying to view all files then execute.
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    i have right clicked on the CUE file and it doesn't ask me to open or burn it with anything. When i click on the BIN file it does ask me to burn it with image burn. I am very confused. I guess i will head on over to the newbie site. I just can't get this stuff down.

    I right clicked on the BIN file and it showed burn with ImgBurn. Well i did that took the defaults and all it did was burn the bin file to my dvd. Now my dvd is a "coaster" because i can't use it. There are so many different ways to author and burn dvds i am getting everything all mixed up. Anyone have an easy way to remember what to use with what type of file? the newbie section is great! But as a newbie i have all this software on my computer and i don't know what to do with it all.

    BTW this forum is awesome.
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    burnatonce is a small, efficient and good tool for burning cue/bin.
    To have a peek into a nrg, mount it with Daemon Tools.

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    Originally Posted by waterfly99
    Here is a full guide for you to burn a .iso on mac
    First off, this was not about burning on a mac, second, do you realize how old this thread is

    Uh oh... looks like spam.....
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