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  1. i have a .mov file that has some cool audio in it that i would like to move to a format (wav, mp3, etc.) that i can do something with.. i google'd looking for about 30 minutes to no avail.. anyone know how i can extract the audio from the mov?

    thanks for any help in advance
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    Using Quicktime Pro, you can export the Audio directly to Aiff or wav. All you have to do is click File/Export then for settings change it to export Audio to the format you're wanting.
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  3. jeex,

    if you don't have QuickTime Pro, you could use TMPGEnc (with the QT plugin), or Rad Video tools [all of which are in the tools section on this site].

    I've had quite a few mov's though when the audio seems to be locked, and cannot be accessed by the apps I've tried.

    In this case, the only way I've found of getting at the audio is to record it coming across your soundcard as you play the clip.

    (e.g. using soundforge/goldwave etc.. and setting your soundcard to record the wav channel)

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