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  1. i usually run nero cd speed and do a surface scan after a burn... if bad sector come up then usually the disc will freeze or skip...
    i have been having really inconsistant results... is there better software?

    another problem i have is ill scan my disk with my lite on drive and it'll say it has bad sectors.. ill scan with my toshiba and itll say theres no bad sectors... the last movie i just backed up the lite on and toshiba both said there was bad sectors, but my pioneer a05 said there wasnt....

    thanks for any help you guys can give... i hate wasting discs... and want to make sure the files are good and wont pixelate / freeze and what not..

    kind of an update to an older thread i had about beall's , gold top optodisks, and samsungs.... i have only tried the optodisks and dont seem to care for them too much... im gonna use the whole 50 pack to get a better evaluation of them, but so far i dont think i care for them. they look like riteks (dark purple dye), and ive had bad luck with riteks in the past
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  2. well.... i have a movie on dvdr that played just fine on my dvd player, but when i went to make an image of it it gives an error.... theres certain movies that will do this, but another dvd drive will work fine, and sometimes none will work at all....
    i uses nero cd'dvd speed and so a surface scan to see if theres bad sectors or not...

    1 last question.. sometime i wonder if i get this problem from burning 2x on 1x discs, but the hacked firmware i uses forces it to burn 2x no matter what. ill choose 1x to do a comparison, but it'll be done in 28-30 minutes...
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  3. Do you have the same problems when you don't use the "hacked firmware?"
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  4. .... from what i can tell when nero shows bad sectors thats when i get a circ - unrecovered error....
    what exactly is this error?
    caould the hacked firmware be bad? is there other hacked firmware recommended?
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  5. CRC error = Cyclic Redundancy Check. The error correction schemes used on DVDs calculate the sums of polynomials using the bits in each block on the DVD. If the polynomial sum doesn't equal what it should, the program knows there's something wrong with the blocks written on the DVD.
    You can de-hack your firmware to return it to factory original state. Look around or ask. The software's out there. I would reocmmend using factory orignal non-hacked firmware. If necessary, download some software to put back the fireware to its original version.
    I use firmware 1.30 on a Pioner 104, factory original, nad have never had problems. Then again, I burn everything at 1x even though I could burn my Riteks at 2x.
    Until we get another couple of generations of DVD-Rs and DVD burners, best to stick with half the rated speed of hte media for now. That's 1x for 2x rated media, 2x for 4x rated media. That way, no problems.
    Using this method I've never had a case of lost data or an instance where the DVD went bad on me after I burned it.
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  6. the part that confises me most is that my toshiba dvd rom will read the whole dvd as fine... my pioneer burner that burnt it will give errors, and my liteon/jlms 166s will give errors too ....
    maybe ill try the original firmware
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