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  1. Ok. So I know there have been similar questions but I have yet to find the answer to this specifically:

    If I capture from the coax out (digital) of my Laserdisc player to the coax in of my sound card (it is a high end recording card, not SB etc..) during a video capture, I will still have an avi with .wav audio, from what I understand, that .wav audio should contain the proper signal but I need to convert it to .ac3 - how do I do this?

    Just rename the .wav file? or what? If it is already, say, dolby 5.1, then I should not have to reencode right? I dont want it to become 2.0 stereo.

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  2. That might be a challenge. Given that the coax output of a Laserdisc player that provides DD sound is an RF modulated AC-3 signal at 384kbs (I think) and you need a special RF input on a receiver or a special external decoder to process it, I doubt if any PC card would take that input. I do have an external (Yamaha) RF AC-3 decoder - it takes the output from the LD player and internally demodulates the signal and outputs a regular (over coax and optical) AC-3 signal that most DD receivers can handle. If you card can handle this kind of AC-3 signal then that might be a way. Only problem is, once the signal is in your PC (probably some sort of PCM format) what software would be available to process it
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