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  1. I am converting a file, with an ac3 source, from 23.976 to 25fps, the actual conversion is not a problem, using nandub to extract the audio, run through besliced, run through besweet to change to 25fps keeping as ac3. Run the video through Nandub changing the video to 25fps.

    The video will then run through tmpgenc and the video and audio will be muxed at the end.

    Now for some reason, I am getting a 1 second difference between the video length and the audio length after the initial framerate changes and before tmpgenc.

    I have tried various filters and codecs, tried ac3machine instead of besweet, still getting the mismatch.

    Any ideas?

    (before anyone asks, my standalone prefers 25fps)
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    when i've done 23.976->25 i've always used bsweet to convert the audio with no problem, and the video i have simply loaded into TMPGenc, set 25fps as the output and enabled "do not frame rate conversion" in the filters tab. give it a go and see if you still have problems.
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  3. Me too!

    First time this has happened though!!

    Really headscratching stuff
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  4. Yeah sorry should have said I have tried exactly this procedure
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