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  1. I've just setup DoItFast4U,DoCCE4U & ReAuthorist, so when i come to do a dvd and i have hdd space i will give it ago.
    I have read the guide on this site but i have a few question's....

    1. Once the files have been rip how do i load them into DIF4U or do i have to create a iso and then mount it, if so how do i mount it as i have'nt mounted a image before.

    2.Once in dif4u forcefilm i dont need ticked as i'll be doing pal dvds, but whats ivtc and do i need to tick deinterlace if the movie is a interlaced movie, as before when ive encoded movies with cce if its a progressive movie i encode it progressive, if it was interlaced i encode interlace, never used deinterlaced of ivtc.

    3.Under working directory do i need to tick demux by vob id or cell id or is this for movies like T2.

    4.The guide said to use 15 as the image priority, is it ok to change that to 10 as thats what i use when useing cce.

    Last but not least whats the max bitrate i should use for the extras if i feel they need re-encodeing.

    One more thing, how much hdd space will i need as the guide said it will deplex everything that was selected for processing.

    Thanks for your time.
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    every one of your answers can be found at
    there is an entire forum dedicated to The Big 3

    good luck
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  3. Yeah i know, im signed up over at doom9's forum but under a different name.But i thought i would ask the same question here aswell see if anyone over here could anser aswell.
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