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    Hi i was wondering if anybody had opinons on this card? I'm new to the world of capturing so i'm not quite sure what all the terms mean when i was reading the specs sheet which can found at:

    It sounds like a good card, but the specs didn't seem to say if it was a software or hardware MPEG encorder card.

    Also can I capture Full screen MPEG with this card? I'm not sure what resolution that is, but that's what I wanted to capture to.

    I have a Athlon 1.4 GHz with 512 RAM so my computer is speedy enough for capturing. I'm also running Win XP PRO.

    What I want to do is make captures from SVHS tapes and from TV. IF you have some better suggestions, please tell. One thing tho is I want it as a seperate card. I'm quite happy with my Geforce 2 Video card and i don't want to replace it. So that mean the All in Wonder cards are out.

    Thanks for the help!


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    Well , I haven't heard of the card before, but looking at the link you posted I would choose not to buy it.
    Video Size RGB24 RGB15 YVU9 RGB24 Indeo*
    320 X 240 15 30 30 30
    640 X 480 7.5 10 15 10

    judging by this table found in the web page, it can't catch full screen at 30fps. even the most basic capture cards these days support that.

    And the codec list is really old. In fact I wonder if this is still a current product.

    Also looking at the software requirements it only mentions 95/98 and NT workstation. I would doubt that it'll support Win 2000 let alone XP

    My suggestion is try looking elsewhere.
    maybe with a more known card.
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