VideoHelp has implemented a new user warning system to better deal with violations of the Forum rules / Acceptable Use Policy(AUP). As with anything new there is bound to be some confusion, so please use the following as a guide to the new system.

The warning system uses a similar method to that of soccer (football) using yellow and red ‘cards’.

: A yellow card represents a formal warning. You will be issued one of these if a moderator/administrator deems that you have infringed upon a forum rule. The infringing post will contain the following message:

You are in breach of the forum rules and are being issued with a formal warning.
/ Moderator pacmania_2001

You are allowed to accumulate five yellow cards before you will be formally banned from VideoHelp. To check how many warnings you currently have, check under your username for the yellow card(s) symbol.

: A red card represents a formal banning. You will be issued one of these under two conditions:
  1. You have accumulated five yellow cards.
  2. A moderator/administrator has deemed you have seriously infringed upon a forum rule sufficiently enough to warrant an instant ban.
As per the Forum rules / Acceptable Use Policy(AUP) re-registering under a different username after receiving a formal ban will not be tolerated. A ban may be lifted however if the banned user emails either a moderator or administrator.

These warning 'cards' are only viewable by the individual user, moderators and administrators, not other general users. The issueing of these 'cards' are at the moderator/administrator's discretion. A moderator/administrator may also remove a yellow or red card at their discretion (please wait a minimum of 30 days before placing the request, and you need to contact the issuing moderator/admin).

If you believe a user has infringed upon forum rules and warrants a warning/ban please report them by clicking the "report this post" link at the bottom right hand corner of the offending message.