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  1. after following the guide using besweet to convert my .wav to ac3 2.0 i then authored my dvd and burnt it. the dvd plays fine in windows media player once i installed the ac3 codec. but there is no sound on windvd or in my 2 standalone players. ithought the all standalone players supported ac3. the dvd players says it is outputing 2 channel DD and my DD amp is recieveing a 2 channel DD signal but no sound is outputted. the only time i can get sound is when using media player with the ac3 codec installed.

    any help would be appreciated

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    besweet ac3 encoded audio is not 100% dvd compliant though it works on many players it seems .. but not all ..
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  3. There have been reported problems with Pioneer players and BeSweet sound -- particularly older models. I've never had a problem with it on a wide variety of other makes and models, though.

    Make sure it's the player -- go to Best Buy or Circuit City and play the disks you made on some other players (in particular I'd try a Sony and a Samsung, as these seem to play everything just fine). If the disk plays then you know it's your player combined with BeSweet: if not, you probably are doing something wrong in the encoding process (although if you followed the guide exactly I'm not sure where you went astray).

    If you do have Pioneer players there are alternatives to using BeSweet -- some expensive, some free (Headac3ch or some such). You can always explore those options.
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  4. I have the exact same problem. My stand alone player is a JVC 555 and my surround unit is a Sony. Whenever I convert and avi with ac3 sound and use h3adache the sound gets choppy in normal surround. If I switch the surround setting to 2 channel it works fine...This tells me that i have converted it wrongly, but I tried it a few times afterwards and still get the same results. My question is this then: Am I not following the guide correctly or is my surround unit just sensitive?
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