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    I have downloaded Terminator.3.SVCD.TS-CENTROPY.[BT] off suprnova but it has appeared as 2 small cue files and 2 bin files. In order to watch it on my pc i have to watch it in two seperate installments. How can i join these files to make one seamless movie? I do not wish to burn it just watch it on pc. I have been told to use SVCD2DVDMPG but have no idea how to use it or if this is correct.
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  2. what you do is run the bin files through svcd2dvdmpg with this guide you should be able to do that. Select bin-> PS and you don't need to patch the header. after running that combine the files with the mpeg tools ot tmpgenc. then you got 1 mpg file you can watch.

    But remember it could be possible the audio is out of sync cause you combined the files.

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    I can't even begin to use svcd2dvdmpg, every i click on the icon it asks me if i want to repair it or remove it.
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  4. I would suggest you remove it, reboot then reinstall.
    Even better buy the +version as it authors for you. So much easier for the sake of 10.00.
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