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  1. I am trying to encode a Divx movie with AC3 sound to svcd.
    First I extracted the sound using GoldWave (following the guide on this site).
    Then I load the video and sound file into TMPG and start encoding.
    When it's finished, I play the movie in vlc to test it, and the sound is "ahead" of the picture...anyone know whats wrong??
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    Did you scan and remove bad frames first? Here's a guide

    If you're still having a problem or there's no bad frames: Is it out of sync a fixed amount from beginning to end, or does it get progressively worse as the movie goes along?

    Use the audio delay function in TMPGEnc which is in the Source Range window. It can be adjusted + or - in millisecond increments, do some short tests to find the right setting.

    If it gets progressively worse then you need to stretch or shrink the wav audio using Time Warp in Goldwave. Look at the File information for your file in Virtualdub then calculate: total # frames / fps = total seconds. Convert that to HH:MM:SS.sss and plug that figure into the Time Warp function to adjust the audio length.

    Good luck!
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