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    Hi there,
    when capturing with FastCapture in combination with Power Play (under Win98SE) in 768*576 PAL the result is very good. even fast horizontal movements are perfect (no choppy moves with vertical lines such as lanterns and so on). as long as i put the result out to VCR the picturequality keeps fine. PowerPlay does a good job! But when converting the AVI to MPEG (it does not matter if VCD or SVCD-Formats) im getting back this choppy movements when having fast horizontal moves. the same happens when i take virtualdub as the capturing programm, and it does not matter what resolution or codec i try (i.e. Pegasus mjpeg registered quality 20, res tried 768*576 and 352*28. Filters in vdub cannot solve this problem does anyone have this problem too or cah sb tell me a good capturecard that works with win2000prof fine???
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  2. hi

    i don't know if my reply is of any help but since you have not got any yet:
    i use avmaster myself for capturing hi8 videotapes
    system: win98 PIII 550 256 mbram

    i use tmpenc to convert to mpeg2 and it works fantastic.
    of course it takes a lot of time: 12 hours for 40 minutes of playing time, but cristal clear!!
    perhaps your problem is with win2000 since i read on forums about problems with win2000 (fast did not make a good update for it) look at the forum of fast.
    good luck

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