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  1. Can Any one tell me What the MDS file is when im ripping my films with DVD Decrypter

    Whats it for....

    When Burning to a DVD-r do i need to include it?

    Please tell me
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  2. does anyone know a god page about dvd decrypter , this program has a lot o setting to chose !!!

    Can someone post a go link...... please
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    for more info on DVD Decrypter, check

    as for the MDS file - are you running Win98 or ME? When I was ripping discs under ME, it had the 4Gb limit, so it would split my iso rips - I'd get a 4Gb .iso, a couple hundred meg .MDS, and a .DVD file - when I went to burn the disc, I selected the .DVD file, everything worked fine.

    (I think... I moved my burner to an XP system, so I haven't had Decrypter splitting my files in a while...)
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    when burning with dvd decrypter choose the mds file as the file to burn (using latest verion of dvd decrypter)
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  5. So what is this MDS file?

    i've just been on the decrypter site & it do's not mention it...

    I've got windows xp
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    Media Description Something or another

    It's like a cue sheet. Describes the type of image file, and allows other software to mount it (Daemon Tools) or burn it (Alcohol 120%).

    You can create a single MDS file for different images that other programs output. GI, from Primo DVD, PDI from Instant copy, and many more. This feature is under the tools menu in DVD Decrypter (Tools, Create MDS File).
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  7. an MDS file is a mountable image. Alcohol 120% creates its images as MDS files (usually 2 files to a movie). Using Alcohol you can mount an MDS file onto an imaginery drive and play the movie on you pc before writing to disc. this can be very handy cos you can check ist all there. Alcohol will also mount and burn ISO file made with software like img tool classic. The beauty of ISO images is that from my experience they are cross platform. that is, I can play back up copy's in Standalone players that previously would not take DVD-r. They will play in anything!!!

    I use :

    DVD decrypter to Rip
    DVD2One to compress to fit (no more than 4.3GB)
    Img Tool Classic (to convert Vobs into 1 ISO image)
    Either DVD Decrypter or Alcohol 120% to burn the Iso image.

    Until recently I was using MDS, but it maintains the format of the original which may not be compatible with older players.

    I have always tried to remember which standalone players require the disc to be done in UDF1.02 (Nero DVD Rom Iso mode) and which ones to do in UDF1.05 (Nero DVD Video mode).

    UDF 1.02 = old players
    UDF 1.05 = Newer players
    ISO .... works in both.... cool.

    Trouble is, before using ISO, I couldnt always remember which players took UDF 1.02 and which took UDF 1.05. The method of creating an Iso image using Img tool classic works on all players when burned using DVD Decrypter. I always use Rytek Dye discs or Yellow Datawrites if I am feeling cheap, but Never ever Red 4x Datawrite, Grey 2x datawrite nor Tango Bulk Paq. Sh*t in, sh*t out!!

    The brilliant thing also about Alcohol is you can also use it to burn ISO images... so you dont have to use Dycrypter... but so far I have. No comebacks.
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