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  1. FantasticN
    1. I tried SVCD2DVDMPG+ with both SVCDs and VCDs. The DVDs I created from SVCD-Source are all fine, but the DVDs I created from VCD-Source are all out of sync (audio - video). So i am wondering if the sync-problem ist typically for VCDs (MPEG1). Or can it also occur to SVCD-Source (MPEG2) ?

    2. I downloaded the menu-samples (badger #1- 3) and extracted them in a subdirectory called "menus". But it does not seem to work. The menu-button is still grayed out. I cannot use this function. What did I do wrong ? And if it would work: Does it still only support 2 movies (VTS-Sections) at the moment (I read abot that), or can I have more than 2 movies in the menu ?

    Thanx in advance.

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  2. 1. Is indeed a vcd problem what you can do to solve it is reencode the vcd with tmpgenc or what i do is only reencoded the audio with tmpgenc and mux the old video with the new audio and run it through svcd2dvdmpg+

    2. you only get the menu button if you made 2 vts (and only 2 vts) and put at least 1 file in each vts.
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  3. FantasticN
    Thanx a lot for the info. I read about the TMPGEnc-Solution. But I think now that I know that the problem only concerns VCDs I will just stay away from creating DVDs from VCD-Source and just take SVCD-Source.

    I created a DVD with 3 Movies with SVCD2DVDMPG+. The first 2 were 480x576 25 FPS PAL and the third was 480x480 29,97 FPS NTSC.

    I then used WinDVD 5.0 to play them. The first two movies played well on monitor- and tv-screen. But the third was distorted (video was only shown in the upper part of the screen) on my TV, but was shown correctly on my monitor-screen at the same time.

    The video of the VCD-DVD was - apart from the sync.problem - totally distorted on my TV-screen (flashing), but also absolutely correct on the monitor screen.

    Do you know a reason for that ? When I play the original mpg-files, everything is o.k. on monitor and tv-screen.


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  4. you can put more vcd eps on a dvd then svcds but svcds have better quality.

    to the second i don't think it is a good idea to put NTSC and PAL on the same disc.
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  5. i think 480x480 is not a proper dvd standard which
    can cause problems.most author programs wont
    let you use 480x480.unless you patch it.
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  6. Guest
    First of all: Many thanx for the answers.

    Of course SVCDs do have better quality than VCDs (higher resolution, higher bitrates, mpeg2 instead of mpeg1, etc.). But I have to take what I got. If I my source-file ist an VCD-mpg, then I cannot change it anymore. Re-Encoing to SVCD wont make sense as it would not mean any increase in quality anymore.

    One of the big advantages of SVCD2DVDMPG+ ist supposed to be the ability to put ntsc and pal format on one disc. So refering to the author this should work.

    SVCD2DVDMPG+ is a tool for creating DVDs from SVCD/VCD-Source. This is so difficult, because of the fact that all SVCDs and VCDs do not have DVD compliant resolutions. Most DVD-Authoring-Tools (except DVDLab) do not accepts those sources and you have to use a "trick" to get it working. Thats why the tool SVCD2DVDMPG+ exists. It should creat DVDs from SVCDs/VCDs without the need of any "trick".

    480x480 is the standard-resolution for NTSC-SVCDs (29,97 FPS). 480x576 ist the standard-resolution for PAL-SVCDs (25 FPS). Both are not DVD-compliant but should be correctly used for DVD-Authoring by SVCD2DVDMPG as this tools is exactly made for those sources.


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