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    Ok Housepig - nice one.

    Also, before I get 'newb' type jibes I am aware that these rippers are not warez. Just that some people (lawyers?) would treat the whole area of circumventing c*s*s* as the same as warez.

    By the way, I think that we should introduce another card (a green one) for the first person (i.e. a one-off) who manages to con Baldrick into putting 'I have a cunning plan my lord' in a forum post, or would that be like a challenge?

    "Should I prepare the spare room for Mr ****up?"

  2. @Thought Cooper,

    You were warned for using the report post thread as a venue for whinging, griping and revenge. That is why you were warned. txpharoah didn't use it as such. He simply suggested that the thread was becoming counter productive and should looked at being closed.

    If you are whinging about txpharoah not getting warned for the 'Is it Legal' thread then you are also wrong. Several moderator's as well as general users have agreed that the thread only became counter-productive once you started posting in it. From what I had read, I also agree with them.

    I also believe you should look at the context in which people post. My comment about the brickwall was accompanied by a smiley. That generally means its a joke.


    I have no problem with PM's getting publicly posted in the report thread post. If those reports contain personal information then a mod will remove it.

    As for this thread, it is becoming unproductive.

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    Ok... that's all folks. The feedback has been given and I'm sure baldrick will take EVEYONE's opinion into account.

    If you would like to flame on about warez or the operation of the forum take it to off-topic with a new post.

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    Originally Posted by cplevel42
    TGPOs ranch hand, (txpharoah)
    I like that, very original. But I'm afraid the only ranch I take part in, is from HIdden Valley. :P

  5. Originally Posted by Thought Copper
    Favors are done for friends and when their friends commits violations nothing is done. Yea, looks like this forum is in good hands with these mods practicing favoritism for their buds.

    Vitualis still did not explain why I was flagged for exposing and detailing TX's personal attack. Also, TX is continually harassing me with no repremand.
    Big words.

    However, I have no problems taking responsibility with what I do. My reasons are clear on the thread, explained twice. If you can't accept the reason, that really is only your problem.

    You were flagged for whinging on the "report thread". I have clearly explained my reasons in public and I don't think I need to repeat myself endlessly because of you. I do not believe that TX was the instigator in that thread as several people have mentioned. I believe that you "reported" him to try to get an upper hand in a flamewar that you had an equal if not larger part in. Why didn't you report yourself for exactly the same reasons you did so for TX?

    Furthermore, need I remind you that this is a public forum. Everyone and anyone has a right to criticise your opinions and posts. I accept this when I post here and you should too. Just because someone criticises your opinions doesn't make it a personal attack. It is the nature of a discussion. Quite frankly, a lot of your posts are written in a provocative manner, and your opinions are somewhat odd.

    If you can't take any criticisms at all, then I suggest that you start your own forum with a membership of one.

    @ cplevel42: I can see your point (well your original one -- I agree with you less with your later posts) but I think you have to take it into the context that what your posted can easily be taken that you were asking for warez. If some random person sent me that, that is the first think I would assume.

    Now, if this isn't what you intended, that is fine, but you will have to take responsibility for the fact that you sent it in the first place. Move on. We are unlikely to change a rule just because you got burned (and not unfairly some would argue). If you don't infringe any more rules, then the warning flag will disappear in about a month. If your one example prevents people using the PM system for warez then the warning system has served its purpose.

    As fair as I'm concerned I do not find any particular problem with people posting PMs with request of warez on the report thread. Obviously, if a URL is included, it should be deleted from the public board. However, otherwise, it is no different from reporting a public post. "Private messaging" is still a system of the forum and the spirit of the rules of this board still apply. If you are found conducting illegal activity via PM, you will be banned in exactly the same way.

    Michael Tam
    w: Morsels of Evidence

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